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Us for the Arts Winter Show 2017

Us for the Arts is proud to present its first Winter Show at The Wall Gallery. The exhibit will present the works of emerging and established international artists in a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, photography, instalation, video, film, performance art, design and poetry.

Participants: Amaia Gomez Marzabal (Spain), Camila Cañeque (Spain), Hadieh Afshani (Iran/Australia), Hildos (Lebanon/Armenia), Mensur Bojda (Macedonia, Uno el Grande (Mexico), Ana Maria Camejo (Colombia), Erica Reade (Canada), Gaspar Marquez (Mexico), Kika Espejo (Spain), Kuldeep Singh(India), Luis German Gomez Garcia-Herreros (Colombia), Natalie Burlutskaya (USA), Shawn Lyons (USA), Brian Oh (South Korea), Lander Camarero (Spain), Miguel A Rueda-Gonzalez (Colombia), Nachiket Guttikar (India), Verónica Peña(Spain) GNÔTHI SEAUTON - Aleha Solano (Colombia) and Kove Vee (USA), Hector Canonge (USA), Shuya Iida (Japan) Penny Chu (Hong Kong), and Renzo Vergara (Peru) .

Sponsored by The Espejo Organization for the Arts

Supported by Migration Resource Center, Agro Art Accounting, and Rockwall Studios

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